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We are officially sold out for the pre-sale phase!

Thank you all who have supported us during these past few weeks and months! Going forward, we are continuing work on making the GStar Ecosystem a reality as soon as possible. Check out our latest blog post on Medium here:
Last 8 hours end of GStar.AI’s pre-sale!

Be part of our Algorithmic Trading Movement

Bringing algorithmic trading capabilities to the masses, empowering them to trade on level ground with professionals.

Join the gig economy, and start earning a living based on your own terms.


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Natural Language Processing

Enabling traders to create automated trading systems just by typing a sentence in plain English

Optimisation & Robustness Testing

Optimize Your Stars For Higher Profitability & Test Them For Robustness.

Vibrant Marketplace to Exchange Trading Systems

Monetise your profitable strategies or license those made by successful traders.

‘Genetic Evolution’ of Strategies

Enhance your trading strategies using our proprietary AI technology for higher potential profitability

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Our Core Vision

What is GSTAR.AI

With GSTAR.AI, we hope to bring algorithmic trading capability to the masses, by empowering them to trade on level ground with professionals. We’re all about providing a simple to use ecosystem that is powered by cutting-edged technology. This further fuels the gig economy, where people can now earn a living based on their own terms, as traditional jobs gets disrupted in this new technological world.


The GSTAR EcosystemUser-created automated trading systems, powered with AI.

Algorithmic traders have disrupted the financial markets, making the playing field for retail traders very challenging. Successful retail traders, may not have coding knowledge, and could potentially lose out to these automated systems in the future.

Our ecosystem will allow traders without coding knowledge to deploy their trade ideas in plain English and non-traders can follow these strategies. This way, those with proven strategies can monetise their skills, and those without trading knowledge can choose to follow their preferred automated trade ideas.

We are the Uber and Grab in trading.

Our Goal

Fuss-free Profitable Trading, Globally.

The ultimate goal of GSTAR.AI is to be the platform for expert traders to easily build, share and monetize their trading ideas, and for the masses to simply profit with just a few clicks, fuss-free.

Remove the unnecessary administrative and operational fees that are common among professional fund houses. We have seen many platforms such as AirBNB and Uber cutting out the middleman and allowing the masses to enjoy better services at lower costs. Why then should middlemen still exist in the world of trading?

Cut out the middleman, get access to the experts directly.

Harnessing the community

Swarm Intelligence

We also envision an ecosystem where the masses are encouraged to try out trading ideas and contribute their strategies so as to achieve Swarm Intelligence.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Keeping GStar Ecosystem running vibrantly & self-sustainable

Rebates & Incentives

GSTAR.AI takes 20% of all proceeds from selling, licensing & siring of trading systems. These proceeds will be shared among the company & the community in order to upkeep our daily running costs & to drive activity within the ecosystem:


of proceeds paid out as Referral Rebates


of proceeds will be used for daily running costs


of proceeds will be channeled into an Employee Incentive Scheme, vested over 4 years


of proceeds will be donated to charities


How it all Started

Started Coding Algorithmic Trading Systems Created the first generation of our algo trading systems.
August 2011
Deployed On Live Accounts Funded live accounts and started running the algo systems on FX. Made a total of +82% profit in 3 years 8 months, ending in 2016.
January 2012
Left Saxo Bank to purse full-time algo trading Tendered resignation as Head of Client Trading (Private), started a series of algo trading workshops and the Singapore Algorithmic Trading Meetup Group
July 2015
Guiding Star Technologies Soft-Launched Launched the 3rd generation of our algorithmic trading systems to the public.
February 2017
Started Talks & Workshops on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins Pioneered cryptocurrency seminars for IG Singapore, the world’s No.1 CFD provider.
August 2017
Crowdsale Preparation Started Expanded team to start preparation work on crowdsale, also started work on GStar Ecosystem prototype
November 2017
Initial Whitepaper Draft & Industry Consultation First draft of whitepaper completed with full conceptualization, many industry expert opinions sought and concept refined on a weekly basis
January 2018
Showcase at FOSSASIA 2018 Showcasing our full concept at FOSSASIA 2018, where AI, Blockchain & Tech meets.
March 2018
Whitelisting Whitelisting will commence on 8 May 2018 at 1200 GMT
Showcase at TechInAsia Singapore 2018 Showcasing at TechInAsia Singapore 2018 (Suntec Convention Centre from 15 – 16 May 2018), one of the largest tech conference in the region
May 2018
Showcase at NXTAsia 2018 Showcasing at NXTAsia 2018 (Marina Bay Sands from 26 – 28 June 2018), where the latest findings in areas of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence are exhibiting
June 2018
Token Sale The Token Sale will start on 8 July 2018 at 1200 GMT
July 2018
GStar Ecosystem Initial Beta GStar Ecosystem Initial Beta is targeted to launch in Q3/Q4 2018
August 2018
GSTAR Tokens Listing On Crypto Exchanges GSTAR tokens are earmarked to launch in Q4 2018, with ongoing talks pointing to possible earlier dates.
September 2018
Genetic Evolution The porting over of our Genetic Evolution functionality is targeted to complete by Oct ’18.
October 2018
Expansion Back Into FX Once GStar Ecosystem is stable and running, we will first expand it back to forex via FIX API.
January 2019
Expansion Into Other Asset Classes Further expansion will be to futures & equities via existing and future APIs. This will also mark the completion of full functionality of GStar Ecosystem.
March 2019
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

The Executive Team

Pillars of Our Success

Our Advisors

  • Tan Tze Koon

    Tze Koon is a Vice President at a venture capital...

    Tan Tze Koon

    Tze Koon is a Vice President at a venture capital firm that focuses on early stage investments. He has...

  • Chee Chun Woei
    Intelleigen Legal LLC

    Founder of one of the first pan-Asia boutique...

    Chee Chun Woei
    Intelleigen Legal LLC

    Founder of one of the first pan-Asia boutique law firm, the firm helped MNC clients develop and implement...

  • Gary Chong

    He has held various senior appointments in banks...

    Gary Chong

    He has held various senior appointments in banks (UBS, SCB, OCBC) where he was responsible for many ...

  • Chew Lee-Sian

    Lee-Sian works as a legal counsel with a demonstrated...

    Chew Lee-Sian

    Lee-Sian works as a legal counsel with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance and financial...

  • Robin Fan

    Serial Entrepreneur in Disruptive Technologies...

    Robin Fan

    Serial Entrepreneur in Disruptive Technologies and strong advocator of using Block Chain technologies...

  • Lawrence Chua

    Lawrence is an early stage investor as well as...

    Lawrence Chua

    Lawrence is an early stage investor as well as business advisor to multiple startups that spanned across...

  • Anthony Lai

    Investment Banker, Blockchain and Distributed...

    Anthony Lai

    Investment Banker, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Advisor. More than 2 decades of banking...

  • Jason Su

    Jason is co-founder of Blockchain Investment Group...

    Jason Su

    Jason is co-founder of Blockchain Investment Group and founder of Block Ventures, a cryptocurrency fund...


FOSSASIA Submit 2018

We showcased the GStar Ecosystem to the public during FOSSASIA Submit 2018, which is currently held in Singapore from 22-25 Mar 2018. Many AI, blockchain & deeptech startups and veterans displayed their craft to the community during this event. We had tremendous amount of interest in what we are doing, we explained to the attendees about how we are employing AI techniques to the trading markets in unique ways, not too different to how AI is being applied to research in the biological space, and how we are now porting the techniques from our current business in trading forex, to GStar Ecosystem where we will be applying that to trading cryptocurrencies. And with future plans to link it back to forex & commodities within the GStar Ecosystem.

TechInAsia Singapore 2018

Great meeting up with some of you guys at TechInAsia Singapore 2018!

There was a total of 180+ startups over 15 & 16 May, it was amazing how much innovative solutions were displayed there, with very practical approaches instead of just academic. This definitely bods very well on how our lives can be improved by tech in future!

We also saw lots more AI-related solutions this time round, mostly in chat, job-search and image AI. Thus we received a lot of interest from the trade visitors as we stand as the only AI solution in the trading space.

BCoin: The Tokenized Economy & ICOs

BCoin is an all-encompassing cryptocurrency service platform for the new digital tokenized economy, with a strong focus on Safe and Secured.

The first look to our GStar Ecosystem was revealed at the event on 26 May 2018, and many supporters were very excited to see it taking shape!  Ease of use is a paramount factor in our platform design, and many love how simple it is both to create new automated trading systems, as well as to employ the systems created by others.

NXTAsia 2018

Must say that this event helped opened up lots of opportunities for us!  We started showcasing our MVP at this event, met with quite a number of supporters (thanks guys!) and managed to hook up with one more key partner in this space (talks started, we will be announcing over the next couple of weeks).

And also, we got featured on ChannelNewsAsia!  Caught their eye as we were showing the MVP of GStar Ecosystem, and they came over for an interview with us!

After speaking with many visitors, it does seems like what we are doing is highly sought after by the public, and they urge us to push out the final product as soon as we can.  We did felt that what we did will really have a positive impact on people’s lives in the years to come, and felt inspired to keep on pushing forward in this journey.

Thank you all for all the support guys!

Initial Token Sale

GSTAR Token Details

Special Pre-Sale Starts: 8 July 2018, Sunday, 1200 GMT
Special Pre-Sale Ends: 22 July 2018, Sunday, 1159 GMT
Min Contribution: 1 ETH
Hard cap: $28m equiv.
Token: GSTAR
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 GSTAR
Token Protocol: ERC20
Total Supply: 1.6 billion
Unsold Tokens: Burnt after conclusion of token sale

GSTAR Token Contract Address

The above address is for the GSTAR token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it.

To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Smart Contract Audit by Ambisafe

GSTAR Token Audit Report by Ambisafe

We have just concluded the audit on both the GSTAR Token & Crowdsale smart contracts by Ambisafe. No critical issues were found, SafeMath used to protect calculations from overflows, and the GSTAR Token contract is fully compliant with the finalized ERC20 standard.

Ambisafe has helped to launch successful ICOs for several blockchain companies, particularly Polybius, TaaS, and Chronobank. The Polybius ICO has so far raised over $21.2 million dollars, whilst the TaaS ICO has raised over $7.5 million dollars with over 3,900 investors.

One of the auditors, Oleksii Matiiasevych, is also well-known to be part of the White Hat Group that rescued millions of dollars during the Parity multisig contract attack back in 19 July 2017. We are confident of the results of the audit thus performed by Oleksii and his team at Ambisafe.

Token Structure

Distribution of Tokens

  • 50% – Distributed to the community who pre-purchased GSTAR during Initial
  • 18% – Kept as reserve for future initiatives on R&D expenditures (all tokens locked-in for one year from end of Token Sale)
  • 16% – Allocated to founders and executive team (both current and future), with a graduated vesting period of 4 years.
  • 8% – Allocated to advisors & partners who have contributed to the success of the Initial Token Sale
  • 3% – Allocated as part of the Bounty Programme during Initial Token Sale
  • 5% – Selective Airdrops as part of community awareness programme & user acquisition
  • 50% Community Distribution
  • 18% Reserve Fund
  • 16% Founders & Team
  • 8% Advisors & Partners
  • 3% Bounty
  • 5% Airdrop

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